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Self Hypnotherapy

Sometimes worry and fear escalates from mental gymnastics to physical symptoms. In the process, a person often suffers anxiety symptoms.

This is the "fight or flight" response that often protects people from danger. However, when anxiety persists beyond the need to fight or flee, it can interfere with daily living and eventually undermine physical health.

It can even ruin a person’s ability to work and even have relationships. It can destroy a person’s entire outlook on life if a person’ lets it. This crippling fear needs to be dealt with as soon as possible just for that reason.

One of the way people have chosen to deal with it is by using self-hypnotherapy techniques. Self hypnotherapy is often used for a variety of purposes and requires the use of a variety of tools and methods.

Most of the time it involves listening to relaxation tapes which is said to help a person free his/her mind of all excess thoughts and worries. It might include breathing exercises that you would perform while listening to soft music and/or audio instruction.

What it Involves

Often self-hypnosis involves the use of multiple senses. It may involve the use of touch, hearing, and speech all at once or separately. It depends upon the method used.

During the process usually a person meditates in some way. They usually sit or lie down and close their eyes. Of course, this may be a bit different than the type of hypnotherapy provided in a doctor’s office.

What to Expect

During this time as long as you are freed from all judgmental thoughts and free from all worry, fears, and anxieties it can relax you. It can help open up new ways of dealing with anything the conscious mind may be too afraid to deal with.

For instance, maybe you never dealt with post-traumatic symptoms of a past car accident. Likewise if you have ever been abused physically or sexually in any way that could also be an implication. Any past trauma at all can be dealt with using this technique.

Any phobias or poor self image problems also are often addressed using various hypnotherapy techniques. Various harmful attitudes and behaviors may also be released during this process.

It is said that the trance-like state while undergoing self hypnosis is much like how a person is when engrossed in a good book. It also can be likened to when someone is starting out the window on a long bus or train ride.

It also is the feeling a person gets when looking out to the vast sea while on a cruise ship. It might be the equivalent to how relaxed a person feels while watching a good movie.

Further Explanation

Sometimes people think that they will be hypnotized against their will. The worst thing that can happen to a person while trying self-hypnosis is that the person may fall asleep.

Another issue is that hypnosis may not work in a case when a person cannot feel fully relaxed. The process could be interrupted and/or a person’s situation could worsen.

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