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Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is very popular all over the world and the main reason for this is the effectiveness that it serves you with. It is great as far as bacterial, fungal or viral infections are concerned. Tea tree oil is popular for fighting with so many ailments. Since hundreds of years, tribal people living in tribal areas and jungles have relied on tea tree oil as an effective disinfectant. There are many medical benefits of tea tree oil. As far as properties of tea tree oil are concerned you can identify it by its yellow color. It has smell that is similar to nutmeg.

Tea tree oil is an effective antibiotic and it can help you to cure skin problems too like acne, herpes, sun burns, blisters etc. According to the studies tea tree oil is also beneficial in curing health problems like cold, cough, soar throat, respiratory problems etc. It strengthens your body with an awesome immunity. And so you can fight in a perfect way with flu like conditions too.

There are so many benefits and uses of tea tree oil. Here are a few benefits of tea tree oil:

You can use tea tree oil to fight oral infections and problems like ulcers, bad breath etc.

If you want to fight with skin problems then you can add a few drops of tea tree oil in the bath water. This will clear almost all of your skin problems.

Acne is a common problem. And millions of people are trying to find some natural solution for acne. This is because many people don’t want to worsen the situation by trying those costly lotions and acne creams. And tea tree oil is a completely natural package with out any particular side effects.

If you are having other skin problems like genital warts or boils then also you can use tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil is an awesome remedy that can be used even at home to fight with any kind of fungal or yeast infection.

So now you are aware as to what are the benefits of tea tree oil. But there are a few side effects if you don't make apt use of this oil. This is because there is a way in which it is required to be used. You need to dilute tea tree oil. It is very strong and so it can cause some itching on the skin that is sensitive. Ladies who are pregnant and are lactating mothers must avoid this oil.

You must be extra careful if you are taking it internally. Overdose of this oil may cause sleepiness, dizziness and drowsiness. It is always better to talk to your doctor before you try out any remedy including tea tree oil. However, it is vital that while you are buying tea tree oil, it is really pure and you are buying it from a reliable place.

You must also know a few things about the history of tea tree oil. It belongs to native Australia. And tribes have relied on this treatment to cure acne, eczema, cuts etc. Today, tea tree oil is used in so many things including topical creams, shampoos, lotions etc. The basic plant for this oil is melaleuca alternifolia. Steamed distillation of this plant will give you tea tree oil. It is recommended that you use this as a topical solution and rather than consuming it orally. It may cause some side effects because tea tree oil is strong. Thousands of people are using this as an effective anti fungal, anti viral remedy.

There are so many sites on which you can do the research. And find out the benefits of tea tree oil. You can take references and recipes as available for the use of tea tree oil and can use it effectively. However, while buying this you must be cautious.

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