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Introduction to Tibetan Medicine

There are numerous books on Tibetan medicine published today. This is one clued that Tibetan medicine will continue to sow its seeds all around the world.

However, to continue and preserve and promote this practice, the promotion of it is continued using all kinds of media. However, this is done more than just as a way to inform.

It is also done to help educate people on the regulations of alternative medicines. This helps further show people what this line of healing is all about.

Some Challenges

There are quite a few challenges in this respect-that is in the furtherance of Tibetan medicine. For instance, in the Netherlands, Tibetan doctors are not recognized as official doctors. However, they are registered under the umbrella of complementary medicines.

That is the main reason this particular medicinal practice is still surviving. However, this particular practice in this particular place in the world is limited.

This is an example of a location of a Tibetan medicine practice where they are not allowed to use any kind of medical terms in flyers or websites. This is unlike in India, which is one place in the world where medical terms can be used.

For instance, in India the use of Tibetan medicine is very good for arthritis, rheumatism, diabetes, asthma, and chronic diseases. However, here it is not even possible because of certain Dutch laws.

Anyway, beside all these problems, Tibetan medicine and doctors play an important role in the healthcare system. This is not only true in the Netherlands or in India but also in many other places of the world.

That is why it is really important to work for its recognition. I think this is a matter that should concern all Tibetan doctors.

Qualifications of Healers

As far as someone who practices Tibetan medicine to heal people this individual must possess a good heart and be able to show compassion. They also must have respect for the medical industry and they must also respect certain ethical standards as related to the medical world.

A person who practices Tibetan medicine should also be committed to their profession. They also must be patient and should always have a desire to learn and gain experience.

Practicers of Tibetan medicine should also be gentle of manner and they should be content within themselves and must have a heart to deal with destitute people. Know by heart the causative factors of diseases and the appropriate treatment.

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