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A Tibetan Health Overview

This is a brief Tibetan health overview. This will help you understand the condition of the people in this country and what makes them that way.

Overall, the well-being of this country is quite favorable. This country in fact is considered nutritionally superior. Many factors contribute to this.

Although only a small percentage of the world's total annual yield of goji berries is grown in Tibet, they are used in this country quite often. This is a fruit that naturally makes a person healthier.

Potential Health Problems

Tibet is very healthy for the most part. However, this country like every other is not without its problems.

In the Tibet Autonomous Region (Tar) along with the rest of China Tibet has the highest incidence of TB. Asthma and lung cancer are an issue as well but not quite so prevalent as the spread of TB.

The spread of any kind of respiratory disease is often blamed on extreme altitude heights. However, many environmental and cultural factors stress the pulmonary system in Tibet.

The dry, dusty air is irritating to the upper airway of the pulmonary system. This is one of the main causes of asthma in people.

Leaded and diesel fuels as well as coal and wood burning stoves and the nearly constant burning of sage incense all contribute to pollution as well. Many other factors in Tibetan culture that are detrimental to the respiratory system.

It would be hard to name and remember all the factors causing respiratory problems in this country. However, the most obvious contributing problem is first- and second-hand cigarette smoke.

As far as the spread of TB is concerned, it is the practice of spitting into public areas, which is common among the Chinese and Tibetan people. This provides an occasion to transmit bacteria such as TB.

Eating off the same plate as others during mealtimes is another simple way pulmonary infection is spread. This can be avoided by taking the proper medicinal and personal precautions.


Traditional Tibet health treatments are found. However, you might also notice that natural means of curing some of the most common country ailments are also used.

You can talk to both your medical doctor as well as Tibetan herbalists to learn more. It always helps to expand your horizons when seeking treatments for illnesses.

One of the most important advantages of herbal medicine is the minimal side effects, at least in most cases. The relatively low cost compared to the synthetic medicines also is a very important factor.

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