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Tibetan Medical School

Tibetan medicine often practice after becoming distinguished graduates of an acclaimed Tibetan Medical School. One such institution is the lhasa University School Of Traditional Medicine.

Another place people have sought training was at the Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute of His Holiness The Dalai Lama. Many have had extensive experience practicing traditional Tibetan medicine and pharmacology before and after coming to the west.

A Bit of History

Tibetan medicine education today includes learning aspects of the 2500 years of traditions and experience influenced by Greece, China, and India. Quite a few teaching and clinical units are set up around the world to spread this knowledge.

For one, ten cities in China alone have set up Tibetan medical facilities. Among these include a large one in lhasa and an even larger one in Beijing. Many, many other facilities are also set up all around the world.

In any case, the main objective is to solve ailments that plague the world. This is primarily what Tibetan medicine is all about. It helps you understand your body in a way that another practice may not.

The herbs are primarily grown on the tibetan border, in walung, nepal, although some herbs must be brought in from other areas where some plants that don't grow here are grown.

It should also be noted that Tibet was the original source of much of today's healing knowledge. Aspects of concepts such as touch healing and exploration of the chakras is often introduced in natural healing Tibetan medical school. "

The Tibetan system of understanding the aura and energy bodies is presented as follows: and use of them for healing, has become universal. It also is a source of modern knowledge that has been often taken a long way.

Politics and Religion

As far as politics are concerned, over the period that Tibetan medicine and pharmacology become more popular (especially in past thousand years) it became controversial. That is the practice of alternative medicines and meditations that are often to certain Tibetan medical school facilities.

The use of certain alternative types of natural healing also was combated in heavy religious circles. The reason why is it because certain religions were formed under feudal society.

In other words, politics and religion were often one entity when certain Tibetan meditation and healing practices became very widely known. It was not uncommon that regulations concerning certain Tibetan medical school and alternative practices were both political and religious.

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