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Tibetan Medicine History

Tibetan medicine history dates back quite a few years. Practices used yet even today are a blend of 2500 years of experience and learning. This is a result of influences from the medicinal practices of Greece, China, and India.

Part of the Tibetan medicine history you have learned about already is that related to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. This is one that is heavily based on the Kangyur and the Tengyur schools of thought.

Tibetan medical history is printed in a magazine along with use instructions in Mongolian. It was reported as included part of Lamaist popular medicine.

To help people today study Tibetan medicine and pharmacology, the author of the above-mentioned published work aspires to introduce it to readers in China. Then, the plan is to spread this info throughout the whole world.

This is done so as many people as possible can benefit from the historical process of the formation and development of Tibetan medicine and pharmacology. You may want to look for information filed under “Medical history of Tibet” as well.

This is written by Sang Jie Jia Cuo who lived between 1653 and 1705 A.D. The author of the ancient "Medical History of Tibet," was the 5th "Di Da" official to govern the political affairs of all of Tibet.

He reigned during the 5th generation of the Dalai Lama regime. The ancient "Medical History of Tibet" was finally completed in 1686 A.D, and this was the 25th year of Kangxi of Qing Dynasty.

This book includes information about the water-goat year of the 12th Jia Zi (cycle of 60 years) in the Tibetan calendar. In detail the history of Tibetan medicine and pharmacology before the 17th century is explained in this publication.

This is considered the most authoritative classic among the rest of the books on the history of Tibetan medicine that are now printed. The original text that was printed totaled 293 pages that were mainly printed in the Tibetan language.

Distributed within this famous documentation is ancient Tibetan language and Sanskrit. It covers not only the history of Tibetan medicine and pharmacology but also it covers bits of Indian medical history.

It also offers general information about Buddhism and Brahmanism legends and gives parts of Buddhist Scripture. All this information about Tibetan medical history is presented in this book to give people a better understanding of the nature of the Tibetan medicinal and medical practice.

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