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Tibetan Meditation

Tibetan meditation is a practice that has Buddhist roots. This source of spiritual strength aims at self-improvement and self-realization.


According to Landaw and Bodian, meditation helps to understand the self better. It also is designed to help discard destructive habits and to change one’s perspective.

Not just that but meditation also helps a person to connect better with others. This is what helps embrace the present. Meditation helps in finding a deeper purpose, such as helping a person feel more grateful for life as well as more accepting of one’s own self.

It also helps a person feel more focused in general. Most importantly, any meditation practice including Buddhist meditation helps calm and relax the body and mind. It also helps soothe a person’s spirit.

The Experience

Through experience in meditation people learn how to adjust their thinking. They may also adapt new ways of thing and become exposed to new experiences during this practice.

There is one concern, though. If one becomes too attached to such experiences during the medications, this could lead to bondage. These certain new experiences then in a way can become faults.

To which this is referring are the three types of temporary experiences:

Happiness - This state happens both in body and in mind. It is a type of contentment.

Clarity - All confusion is at least for a time gone from the mind. All anxieties and worries are gone.

Non-conceptuality - It is the sense that the stream of conceptuality has been severed or cut and that thoughts have just stopped.

Remember though that you should not remain “stuck” in this. It is only a temporary experience.

If you remain fixated in the meditative state you are in this could cause some serious problems. You may not be able to experience life as well as you should.


One book called The Meditation Handbook: Meditations to Make Our Life Happy and Meaningful is recommended. It has in it a series of 21 different meditations.

Some of these lead up to profound meditations on emptiness. Each meditation builds upon the other in order to help a person deal with and conquer some of the most complex subjects.

The objective of The Meditation Handbook is to come to a place of contentment with greater ease and clarity of mind.

There may be other books and literature that are just as beneficial. However the Meditation Handbook is one that is said to be one that should be in the hands of every person who meditates.

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