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Tibetan Yoga

A Short Intro to Tibetan Yoga

There are many types of Tibetan Yoga. It helps to become acquainted with some of them just so you know what you are getting yourself into when you go down this road.

Specific Types

One type of yoga involves the use of non-dual tantra. One case in point is the Tibetan anuttara yoga, which is slightly different than the yogic yogi practiced in Japan.

These two parts of yogic tantra are neglected by the Tibetans, which is a pity. They actually have these parts of the doctrine, but take no account of them. In any case, the above describe is a meditation that is done along with many different types of yoga routines.

Some Advice

Certain Tibetan yoga techniques are very advanced. You should try to start out as a beginner if you have never done any advanced moves before.

However, if you are more experienced then you should still be a bit skeptical. There are people who try to market yoga lessons as advanced. However, some so-called advanced lessons are not at all presented by people who have the right skills and knowledge.

Choosing an Instructor

If you want to find the right Tibetan yoga instructor asking some key questions should help. Just think of what you would want to know most about a specific training regimen.

It also helps to know the length of time they have practiced yoga. This in fact should give you the most insight to the truth of this product’s claims.

Monks spend full days at a time in training, and often decades pass before they are able to achieve the appropriate skills.

Expected Results

No matter what people or religion is claimed as spiritual truth, authentic truth of spiritual matters is personally known after some progress. This may take awhile, but it seems worth it to many people who are on the road of cultivation practice.

A person who is involved in Tibetan yoga may be involved in navigating dreams as well as operating during the after death state. This is based on the premise that most individuals become unconscious after death then become semi-consciousness while living the experience. (Experience here refers to a meditation experience.)

Oftentimes the Tibetan yoga meditations that are combined with the exercises cause a person to become entranced in what seems like a very intense dream. Since most of us are not so skilled at dreaming, we don't recognize these visions as projections from our minds.

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