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Home Remedies For Termites

These are very common pests that cost people a lot of money each year to repair their home. This is mainly because wood is their primary diet. Since this is such a serious problem, special inspectors are hired to perform special tasks to detect a termite problem before a house is sold or rented to anyone.

There are about 2,800 species of this pest around the globe. These little guys are quite clever and never give up on finding food. There are 45 species in the United States alone. A lot of the time, many people aren’t aware that they have a termite problem because their appearance is quite similar to that of an ant. These guys can cause serious damage to your home. This is the main reason why people want them gone and away from their home.

The first line of defense for many people is a caulking gun and sealant. Here, you will be able to seal the cracks in your home to keep the termites out. To complete this remedy successfully, you will have to make sure that you seal up holes, cracks, and gaps within your home. It is very important that you also seal any gaps around wired, outdoor faucets, and cables. Many people still encounter termite issues because they forget about that last step with this particular remedy.

The use of chicken wire or boric acid may also work. With the chicken wire, you can use this specific kind or some other sort of screen material. These materials are used to cover things such as vents, air filters, and any other openings that lead to the inside of your home. As far as the boric acid is concerned, this is one of the most common options when it comes to pest control. This is such a popular option because it dries out the bodies of insects. In order to get great results, put this acid in termite holes and surrounding areas.

Another remedy you can try is cleaning your gutters and to reduce moisture. These are two factors that are a must in order to get rid of these destructive pests. Cleaning your gutters will keep termites away because if they are filled with water or any other materials, these pests see this as an invitation to invade. When it comes to reducing moisture, this is also a great idea because without moisture, these destructors can’t survive. In order for this remedy to work, you’ll have to make sure that there are no leaky pipes or water fixtures. This will reduce the amount of humidity and moisture in your home tremendously.

Mud tunnels are definitely something that you will want to get rid of. Termites of this kind are known as subterranean termites. This specific type are commonly found in the United States.

Since these destructive guys enjoy wood, it’s a good idea to remove any type of wood that you have in or around your home and cover it with plastic or you can place the wood about six inches from the ground.

A simple remedy to follow is to be careful when watering your garden or lawn. Be sure not to wet any logs or anything made from wood, such as a shed.

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