Building Bones

No bones about the fact that calcium builds strong bones, healthy teeth. Other than keeping our skeletal strong, it keeps our heart rhythm steady and helps muscles contract. Bones act as storehouse of calcium and our body withdraws from bank whenever blood calcium levels dip. Bone Tale We do not up all calcium we ingest. During pregnancy and childhood our bod
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Asthma Information

Bronchial asthma is the most serious allergic disease, and often fatal. The bronchial tubes are narrowed by spasmodic contractions and they secrete an excess of mucus. Hence breathing becomes difficult. The victim wheezes and coughs and feels as if his chest were caught in a vice. An asthmatic attack may last for minutes, hours, or days. The spasm of the bronc
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Diarrhea in babies

This can be very serious, because infants are so easily dehydrated. In treating infectious diarrhea in infants, doctors often tell mothers to omit milk from the diet and replace it with ‘clear fluids’, ‘including carbonated beverages, juices and soups such as chicken and beef broth. However, many such fluids contain so much sugar or salt that
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