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If you want to attain the full benefits of the Pilates exercises then you must go for the Pilates kits. This is a basic kit which includes all the instructions and tools which are required for performing a complete workout at any place and there is no need to visit the gym.

Main contents of the Pilates Kits

Pilates Kits can have different contents according to the place from you buy the Pilates kits. The content of Pilate's kit also depends upon the money which you are ready to pay. Some of the basic things which are present in almost all Pilate’s kits are listed below:

Balance Ball: Body ball also called as the balance ball is considered to be the most important Pilates tool at home. It is inflatable ball which is used during most of the exercises and it helps in putting more emphasis on the core muscles. Some of the routine exercises which can be performed on the balance ball are the crunches, lifting the ball with legs or over the head, balancing the ball and doing some other movements with the ball. The best thing about the Pilates kit is that it includes the inflation pump of the ball. Another thing which has to be kept in mind while purchasing the Pilates kits is that always go for the kit which has the balance ball of your size. There are different sizes of the balancing ball and they vary according to the height of the person.

Resistance Straps: these resistance straps can be used with the ball or some different exercises can be performed on it. These straps provide more resistance to the body and hence exercises can be performed in a better manner. There are different types of resistance bands in Pilate’s kit like the heavy, medium and light resistance. All the exercises can’t be performed on same resistance. As a person gains more stamina and health he will need more resistance to keep him in a challenging position. In order to make the exercises easier, these resistance bands are available with the handles.

Yoga Mat: it is a type of long and stick mat which is very much useful for the Pilates. If a person is working on some hardwood or tiled floor then this mat provides the cushion. It also provides more grips to the body and hence a person can attain more stability while doing the moves on the floor with the help of the balance ball. There are various lengths of the yoga mats but the common size is 24 inches

Power Ring and the Instructional Videos: Power ring is device which is like a 14 inch circle which has grip on the hands and can be used in a similar manner just like the resistance band. In order to make the exercises more challenging these rings are used by the people. These rings are generally not included as the part of the kit and are sold alone. They usually come with the instructional videos which show how to use this equipment.

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