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Types of Fevers

The human body has a normal core temperature of 37.0 degrees centigrade or 98.6 degrees fahrenheit. Any variation in this core figure implies that something is amiss. A rise in temperature indicates that something is wrong with the body. Fevers which last less than a week are caused by common infections. Those which take longer to get all right are more serious in nature and need medical attention. Here some types of fever as under.

Fever Fever - Home Remedies to Cure the Fever !

Fever Dengue Fever - It is a viral illness transmitted by mosquitoes !

Influenza Influenza - It is also known as flu !

Malaria Malaria - It is a serious infectious disease !

Typhoid Fever Typhoid Fever - Prevention is must !

Measles Measles - Symptoms, Causes And Vaccine !

Chicken Pox Chicken Pox - Beneficial treatment for the Chicken Pox !

Rheumatic Fever Rheumatic Fever - It is a very serious chronic disease !

Meningtis Meningitis - Treatment of Bacterial Meningitis !

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