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General Ailments

General Ailments

There are many health problems which are often neglected because they are not perceived as serious ailments. However, they need to be treated urgently because they are often caused by underlying and undiagnosed diseases. A wide range of ailments come under the category of general ailments. They are the following.

Anemia Alcoholism - It is also known as alcohol dependence !

Anemia Anemia - The most common blood disorder of childhood !

Anemia Appendicitis - It is the most common of all serious intestinal disorders !

Common cold Common cold - Its also known as acute coryza !

Dandruff Dandruff - Causes and home remedies treatment !

Debility Debility - General weakness remedies !

Diabetes Diabetes - Information on there causes, symptoms and nature treatment !

Dizziness / Fainting Dizziness - Also Known as Fainting !

Fatigue - Chronic and adrenal fatigue !

Hair falling out - Why is my hair falling out?

Headache Headache - It should never neglected !

Hypertension Hypertension - High Blood Pressure !

Nausea and vomiting Nausea - It is also called vomiting and home remedies to cure !

Nosebleeds Nosebleeds - Everyone experiences a nosebleed from time to time !

Obesity Obesity - For fatty persons !

Pain Pain - What is pain !

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