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Endometriosis Diet

Changing your diet to deal with Endometriosis is an excellent foundation to assist you in reducing the symptoms, and will help regenerate your health. You need a wide range of nutrients to help balance your hormones and reduce your estrogen levels, decrease cramping and inflammation, and generally improve your physical and mental well-being. The foods listed below will provide the necessary nutrients to produce these effects.

Nuritional diet for Endometriosis

  • As always, the preferred diet focuses on whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, seeds, nuts and protein from soy and fish. Reduce your dairy and meat intake in order to avoid the different forms of estrogen and steroids in these products.
  • Eat a diet consisting of 50 percent raw vegetables and fruits and including soy foods. In addition, eat only whole­grain products (no refined flour products) and raw nuts and seeds. A diet rich in soy and fiber is very important in managing endometriosis.
  • Oils that contain vitamin E are good because vitamin E helps balance mood and ease fatigue and cramps that occur at the onset of menstruation for women with fibroids or endometriosis.
  • Include "green drinks" made from dark green leafy vegetables in your diet.


  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, animal fats, butter, dairy products, fried foods, foods that contain additives, all hardened fats, junk foods or fast foods, red meats, poultry (except organically raised and skinless), refined and processed foods, salt, shellfish, and sugar.
  • Caffeine which is found in tea, coffee, soft drinks.
  • Saturated fats contain arachidonic acid that stimulates production of muscle-producing prostaglandins that increase pelvic pain and inflammation characteristic of endometriosis.
  • Tinned and frozen packaged foods as little as possible.
  • Chocolates
  • Soy products and soy protein - tamari can be used in small amounts.

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