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Health Tip

Healthy Snacks At The Mall

Malls are a favorite hangout for many young and trendy people. They are also a good place for families to take the children out for shopping, entertainment and eating out during weekends and holidays. But the trouble is that most of the foods available in the food courts are loaded with calories, fats, salt and sugar which can make you fat and unhealthy. It is, however, possible to find snacks that are both tasty and healthy in a mall, if you care to look around.


Smoothies are very delicious, but unless you take them with the right ingredients, they can be bad for your health. The right ingredients include fruits, skim milk and low-fat yogurt. You can also try fruit salad with low-fat yogurt for dipping. Fruits contain vitamins and fiber, and milk and yogurt contain calcium and proteins. These are good for your body and digestive system.


Sandwich can be a good way to stop your stomach from growling when you are strolling in a mall. But you should only go for the ones that are high in nutrients and low in fats and calories. Sandwiches made from whole-wheat bread, sliced vegetables, low-fat cheese and lean meat are good for your health as they contain carbohydrates and fiber, but are low in fats and calories. Carbohydrates supply the energy that your need for your activities and fiber helps digest the food.


Burrito can give you all the energy you will need if you are involved in a lot of energy-consuming activities. A whole-wheat tortilla filled with grilled chicken or pinto beans contains a good dose of carbohydrates and proteins that can keep you energetic and healthy. A guacamole made of avocados, tomatoes and cilantro can be good for your heart. However, you should avoid sour cream and refried bean as they are high in calories, fat and salt.

Frozen Yogurt:

If you have a sweet tooth, then a small serving of soft frozen yogurt is one of the best things to have while strolling in a mall. Besides being delicious to eat, frozen yogurt contains calcium, which is essential for your bones and teeth. It also contains probiotics, a kind of bacteria that keeps helps in the digestion of food. Health magazine recommends 4 oz or less of yogurt in one serving.

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