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Home Remedy To Clean A Burned Stained Pot

Stuck-on burnt food on a cooking pot can not only be an eyesore but also a cause of potential sickness. Therefore, this problem should be addressed as soon as possible. The information provided in this article mostly pertains to cleaning out stubborn stuck on food from a stainless steel pot.

As far as home remedies are concerned, one of the easiest of solutions to use is hot water. Cleaning with one of the most natural substances on this earth can really do wonders. You can also use hot water and another solution such as dish soap.

Further Instruction

You can fill the stainless steel pot with some water and/or a few teaspoons of dish soap. It should be enough water to cover the amount of food that is stuck in the pan, especially if it is a large amount of stuck-on food. Let this solution soak for at least an hour and then bring the water to a boil and let it boil for 10 minutes.

If after you do the above you can use a scrub brush to pry of the food that might still be stubbornly stuck to the pot. After wards, you should then clean the stainless steel pot with warm and soapy water and then rinse with plain water.

You can let it air dry or perhaps you can dry it clean with a clean towel. Then, put it away or use it again for your next meal.

Additional Suggestions

Instead of cooking your stainless steel pot on the stove you may be able to heat it in the dishwasher. The baked-on or stock-on food should be more easily removable once it goes through a dish-washing cycle.

You could also try setting the pan with stuck-on food in warm or hot water and leave it sit that way for at least an hour. Soaking it overnight or for several hours might also help.

If you choose the soaking method versus the cooking or heating method you can wipe out the loose food with a paper towel or dry cloth. It should in most cases come right out. You can also use a flat cooking utensil such as plastic flipper or spatula to do this job.

Prevention Tips

If you want to prevent from having food stuck on in the first place it is best to rinse out your cooking pot once you are through using it. You should do this immediately before the remaining food on the bottom of the pot dries. You can also add hot water to a pot immediately after the food is burned if you can.

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