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Lungs And Chest Problems

The chest is a vital part of our anatomy. It houses the heart, lungs and major blood vessels. In fact, the movement of life-giving energy is conducted from this vital site. For its protection, nature has enclosed it in the rib cage. There are various problems that can occur in this area, describing which is outside the scope of this book. However, usually there are a few symptoms which are warning signals and need to be heeded. Here some problems of lungs and chest.

Bronchitis Bronchitis - It is contagious disease !

Chest pain Chest pain - Angina pain - delay will cause irreparable damage !

Emphysema Emphysema - It is a serious and debilitating lung disease !

Emphysema Legionnaires' Disease - Causes, symptoms and treatment !

Pleurisy Pleurisy - Symptoms, causes and remedies !

Pneumonia Pneumonia - Acute inflammation of the lungs !

Tuberculosis Tuberculosis - It's caused by bacterium mycobacterium tuberculosis !

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