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Basics for Suzanne Somers Diet Exercise Suggestions

Somersizing is the making of television personality Suzanne Somers who has delineated her come near to dieting in a sequence of manuscripts. The Somersizing programmer is on the whole a reduced carbohydrate diet with an extra stress on food merging.

There are two stages to the diet. In stage one, it is focused on losing weight and dieters are suggested to get rid of what Somers refers to as “funky foodstuffs”.

“Funky foodstuffs” consist of white flour, sugar, honey, carrot, maple syrup, avocado, sweet potatoes, banana and more that are summarized in her manuscripts. Whole milk, nuts, along with yogurt are as well to be kept away from.

Lots of the foods are to be gotten rid of are high glycemic guide and the thought is that by keeping away from these foodstuffs the levels of blood glucose will stay more steady which permits the body to burn extra fat simply.

Additionally food-merging main beliefs are integrated into the diet agenda. Foods are separated into four groups of food that are proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fruits and vegetables. The regulations for merging these foodstuffs are as follows:

  • Constantly eat fruit only and on a bare stomach.
  • Merge vegetables in the midst of proteins and fats (no carbohydrates).
  • Merge carbohydrates in the midst of vegetables (no fats).
  • Wait for three hours between meals of diverse combinations.
  • Dieters are as well recommended to eat regular small meals and to consume at least three meals in a day with no accurate guiding principles offered for serving sizes. You must as well avoid Alcohol and Caffeine in stage one.

Stage two of the diet is intended for upholding weight loss. Dieters are permitted to take in chocolate and red wine in the diet in temperance and more clemency is permitted regarding food merging. Dieters are permitted to diverge from ideal food merging infrequently for example by adding a few olive oil otherwise cheese to a pasta dish.

Somers downplays the significance of exercising for weight loss affirming the she individually by no means goes to the fitness center. Nevertheless she does supports aerobic exercises thrice a week and is identified for her house fitness apparatus as such the thigh master.


Somers’ viewpoint in regard to getting rid of foodstuffs with an elevated glycemic directory does have a few foundation nevertheless her approach is excessively unsophisticated, and in failing to believe the result of the complete meal on glycemic weight, many potentially nourishing foods are eradicated from the diet.

It is extremely probable that dieters will have victory with losing weight on the Suzanne Somers diet as restraining the quantities of other foods in a meal can decrease the inclination to eat too much. Even though there is no technical research to hold the role of food merging for weight loss, lots of dieters have accounted victory with this technique and above all there is frequently an extra advantage with the development of digestive function that results very fast.

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