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You have seen a lot of article on internet relating to human growth hormone (HGH), a new cure for many of diseases right from old age to improving ones sex life. These are termed as “enhancers” or “releasers” that help in increasing the hormone production in the body.

The sights from which you see these articles are often unknown. You might not have heard of it. They make some outrageous claims which are backed up by medical studies. Many of these websites use the basis of these claims from what is stated by Dr Daniel Rudman, an expert on HGH and who first advanced the theory that HGH was an effective anti ageing treatment. The problem is, Dr. Rudman was reporting on the effects of prescription HGH and none of these "super products" contain prescription HGH at all but rather products that only claim to stimulate the body's own natural production of HGH.

While there are some natural and pharmacological agents which in fact do trigger HGH production, including the amino acid arginine which is just one of the 20 amino acids which function as the building blocks of proteins in the human body, it is generally only effective if administered by injection.

If you are suffering from HGH deficiency then the best way is to consult your doctor who will tell you as to which HGH supplement you should consume in order to get rid of this deficiency.

You may not find any back up of claims of any of the products which are sold on websites. Certain items like ingestible products, creams and sprays which claim that they contain HGH either do not contain the same or contain it in a very small amount which brings about no effect on your body. Moreover the HGH which these products contain break down to amino acids by the digestive system of the body and therefore the little HGH in the product loses its potentiality that it might have had anyway.

It is illegal to import or dispense HGH without any prescription. Therefore it is clear from this fact any website or over the counters which claim to have HGH is a fraud. Infact some of this products may contain plant HGH or bovine HGH which may prove to be helpful for plants and animals but not for human beings. Therefore it is always advisable to get the HGH supplement proposed by your doctor.

Another fact that proves that the products featured on websites do not HGH is their cost. The actual HGH supplement cost ROUND $10000 to $15000 for adults and almost around 10 times for children. But the cost on websites for the product which claim to have HGH is merely $99. So isn’t that prove that the product does not contain HGH?

Even the government has warned the individuals of the country that HGH products featured on websites are either helpful for animals or are fraudulent and the claims made by them are baseless.

Thus it is very important to keep all these points in mind before emptying your pockets on this product.


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