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What actually Amoebiasis is?

Amoebiasis occurs due to the presence of microorganisms. The Amoebiasis is disease of intestines due to the microorganism. Under this condition or situation, the walls of intestines get swollen because of the parasitic microorganism, known as Entamoeba histolytica. The major reason or the reason how microorganism enters the human body is the query made by everyone. The answer to the query is that these microorganisms enter human body through contaminated or dirty food and water. This situation is usually found in the people who live in the unhygienic surroundings like those who live in poor colonies or slum areas.

The person who is infected by these parasitic microorganisms apparently appears very healthy but his or her inner strength decreases. This parasite can exist or live inside the human intestines for very long durations that are for months or for years without showing any warning signs. But it can show its deteriorating power any time and can make people unwell.

Amoebiasis is characterized as the constant and intense irritation of intestine which is caused by the bloodsucking amoeba Entamebahistolitica. Basically this disorder is determined by the bloody stools, feverish conditions and water diarrhea.

Basically there are two forms of amoeba. The immobile or non moving form of amoeba cyst or the capsule type. This form of the amoeba has very good capability of living outside the body of human beings. The second form is trophozite which is very mobile and they cannot live outside the human body.

Causes or reasons of Amoebiasis

Major causes of Amoebiasis are illness of the Entamoeba histolytica. The person who eats contaminated food or water outside gets infected by the Entamoeba histolytica. There are number of reason which makes the food contaminated or unfit for eating. The food gets contaminated when it is touched by the person having untidy or unwashed hands. Especially the fruits and raw vegetable get contaminated very easily.

An entamoeba histolytica parasite takes away the quality of the life of human being as the pain and fever make people weak from inside. Such infections spreads when the urination or stools are not disposed at the proper hygienic place or if the person who is infected does not washes his or her hands after passing stools. And because of the contaminated hands of the person these parasites spreads everywhere or at the surface they touch from their dirty hands. Our hands get dirty of untidy while changing even the nappies of our sweet babies. So after removing the dirty nappy of the baby one should wash the lowers of the baby. After that he or she should also wash their hands with soap in order to remove all the germs.

Amoebiasis is disease which can also spread in the other parts of the body also. The most affected areas are brain, liver or many other vital organs of the body through blood stream. So our suggestion is prevention is always better than cure so try to keep your surroundings neat and clean or tidy in order to stay away from all diseases.

Amoebiasis Treatment

  1. A once a week intake of ripe bael sherbat keeps the bowels in a healthy condition.
  2. Roast unripe bael fruit on an open fire and remove its pulp. This should be eaten with a little jaggery or sugar-a teaspoonful daily is especially beneficial for blood diarrhea with mucus.
  3. Take the jam made with the semi ripe or unripe bael fruit - a teaspoonful on a empty stomach every morning keeps the digestive system healthy. Helps in curing the amoebiasis.
  4. Do not eat any solid food; it can create cramps. You can eat semi solid foods which are easily digestible.

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