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How to Stop Smoking

Smoking Facts

There is bounty of smoking facts, both good and bad. Hear the bad facts first, and then learn the good facts that begin to mount up the moment you quit.

Nicotine Is an Addictive Drug

The tobacco companies may have originally tried to deny it, but it's a fact that nicotine is addictive. So the questions beg, are you smoking since you really want to, or is it just the nicotine talking?

Possibly once you read the fact about smoking you'll find the encouragement you need to go smoke free. The subsequent facts were gathered from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and The National Cancer Institute.

Unpleasant Smoking Facts

If you believe smoking is no big deal, think again. Here are a small number of ways smoking can have a negative consequence on you and your family.

Negative Health Effects for Smokers

  • Nearly five thousand people die each year from smoking-related illnesses, including various types of cancer.
  • People who desire to chew tobacco are still risking their fitness. Chewing leads to a spectacular increase in the risk for oral cancer.
  • Substantial signs of smoke damage to your body contain:
    • Poor blood circulation: Cold hands and feet sound proverbial? Poor circulation can also complicate diabetes symptoms, making it yet more difficult for cuts and sores to heal.
    • Breathing difficulties: Shortness of breath and recurrent cases of bronchitis are common.
    • High blood pressure: This can show the way to blood vessel damage and heart disease.
    • Bone loss: Women are particularly at risk for osteoporosis.
    • Loss of physical stamina: Even trivial tasks cause you to feel weak and out of breath.

Negative Health Effects for Babies and Children

Subsequent hand smoke can cause a diversity of health problems for the children of smokers. These include:

  • Low birth weight: Women who smoke for the duration of gestation are more to be expected to deliver small weak babies with lung complications and additional health risks.
  • Lung ailments: Children who breathe with smokers are more to be expected to experience respiratory infections, including bronchitis and pneumonia, as well as asthma.
  • Ear infections: Children of smokers are particularly at risk of developing middle ear problems.
  • Burns: Children of smokers are far more expected to suffer burns from random accidents as well as house fires.

The Cost of Smoking

  • Prices may vary, but citizens who smoke a pack a day at $4.00 a pack will pay out approximately $1,460.00 a year on their addiction. With the increasing cost of fuel, just think of all the gasoline that cash would buy.
  • Looking at the bigger picture, the price of treating smoking-related illnesses runs at over $50 billion annually.

Good Facts about Quitting

The benefits of a smoke-free life commence to accumulate a simple 24 hours after you quit smoking. These include:

  • Normalized carbon monoxide levels in your bloodstream
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Lowered pressure of blood
  • Slight improvement in breathing
  • Elevated level of energy

Quite Smoking

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