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Sore throat
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Throat Problems Section

Throat Problems Section

The throat is the common to digestive as well as the respiratory system. It lies at the beginning of the windpipe and the foodpipe. It also has the voice box where the windpipe commences. Hence, any infection or problem in the throat causes discomfort while eating, breathing, swallowing or speaking. Here some throat problems as under.

Croup Croup - The disease should never be ignored !

Diphtheria Diphtheria - Affects the tonsils, throat and nose !

Hiccups Hiccups - A Cure for Hiccups !

Hoarseness Hoarseness - Prevention & treatment tips !

Hoarseness Laryngitis - It's not a serious problem, but it sounds awful !

Mumps Mumps - An acute communicable disease of viral origin !

Sore throat Sore throat - Causes and remedies for pain in the throat !

TonsillitisTonsillitis - Attention is needed !

Whooping Cough Whooping Cough - Treatments And Symptoms !

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