Aromatherapy Perfume

Aromatherapy Perfume


  1. Let us start with the very basic and common thing between us i.e. perfumes. Everyone in the world is crazy about the perfumes. Earlier people use to spray on them while going to marriages or parties but now it is becoming a common trend between every one of us.
  2. Now people use perfumes even at the time they are going to office or some meetings and even children use perfumes before they leave for schools or colleges.
  3. And you must have noticed that perfumes are the most attracting thing in an individual, if you smell good, the reason behind this is your perfumes you place on yourself. These perfumes make you attract to the other one.
  4. You must have noticed that you give a second look to a person when you feel something about him at the first look. That could be his personality, his cute face, a good fragrance from him or his good clothes and so on. These are very general factors that you get attracted towards.
  5. Earlier that was common in marriages and parties but now it is becoming common everywhere, even at office, colleges and now even at schools. Seeing these factors people search for their life partners.

Aromatherapy Perfumes

  1. Aromatherapy perfumes basically make the opposite sex attract each other. With this scent they start producing pheromones that could be a male or women. Women gets attracted to a men with the perfumes he has applied whereas a men gets attracted towards a women by her personality, looks, clothes and the pheromones she produces after smelling the fragrance of a guy.
  2. Jasmine perfume is one of the most popular perfumes among the people. It spreads with a very sweet smell which is preferred by all of us. It has a very strong and an enormous effect on people. Aromatherapy perfumes are the most attracting ones and are preferred by all.
  3. Paris was made the most important centre for perfume making and designer perfumes in 17th century. Generally the perfume is made by the extraction of flowers and with addition of some more products it leads to a very exotic fragrance which is liked by everyone.

Aromatherapy – a new concept

Aromatherapy is not a new developing concept .it is well known in the world. Aroma means smell and therapy means to heal when we get tired by running in our personal life. Then we need something that balances a harmony missing in our body. Aromatherapy is well known for its unique way of healing the body inside and outside. People allover in the world are using it. Aromatherapy heals up your physical body, mind and the soul. Aromatherapy was used by the Chinese to live well. They used aromatherapy to enhance their well being among the society.

A number of essential oils can be used to maintain the body functions. Eucalyptus for example is as effective as an antibiotic. Rosewood and sandalwood oil on the other hand are good sedatives. Neroli is also very helpful during aromatherapy as an anti inflammatory and an antispasmodic agent.

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