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Hypnotherapy Anxiety Treatments

Hypnotherapy anxiety treatments are one way to deal with fears and phobias. Some of these may be related to past traumas while others are not.

What you see below is a brief explanation of this method of treatment in general. Then, you will see described two main types of hypnotherapy often used today. It is important to read this as it will give you some idea of what to expect.


For those who do not know what hypnotherapy is, it is the guiding of a person (either via self-hypnosis or by way of help from a counselor) into a trance. It is a process by which a person is more able to deal with the subconscious mind.

Types of Treatment

There are a variety of hypnosis treatment methods that can be used. Sometimes they may be considered effective hypnotherapy anxiety treatments.

Analytical Hypnotherapy

This is a methodology that focuses on the cause of certain issues that are plaguing a patient. It is based on all kinds of techniques used to help resolve anything in a person’s life that is left to be resolved. This is one way that both emotional as well as physical ailments can be released and addressed.

Brief Evaluation - As with any potential hypnotherapy anxiety treatment methodology, this analytical approach has its advantages and disadvantages. Some advantages include that the symptoms are less likely to return and a greater understanding of oneself can be achieved.

However, it is quite possible that too much analysis can actually wreck a person. It would depend upon the nature of a person’s problems and whether it was physical or psychological. A drawback is that this could require way more sessions than another type of hypnotherapy anxiety treatment.

Suggestion Hypnotherapy

This is a form of treatment that uses suggestions either directly or indirectly. It could be direct commands such as “you will stop smoking” or it could be suggestions in the form of metaphors or stories designed to help a person relax.

Brief Evaluation - One advantage of this type of treatment is that it does not require quite as many sessions as other types of therapy. It seems to work well as a hypnotherapy anxiety treatment and thus is effective in the fight against smoking, nail biting, weight loss, etc. One disadvantage is that symptoms could return.

How to Choose

Above is an example of the two most common types of hypnotherapy anxiety treatment options available. The main objective of both is to reach the subconscious mind.

It can be tough to choose which of the two main methods described above is most effective. A wide variety of variables would determine which method is most effective.

Perhaps you should see both a physical doctor as well as a psychotherapist before choosing. That way, your entire physical and psychological health history can be discussed and a proper evaluation of your situation can be made.


By all means this is not a complete explanation of the nature of hypnotherapy anxiety treatment or of hypnosis in general. You need to discuss with your doctor all that you need to know and all that is important.

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