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Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

For you, hypnotherapy for weight loss may be worth looking into if you are struggling with moderate to severe obesity problems. The rapid increase in the number of people failing to achieve their weight loss goals is what attracts people to this method.

One thing a person needs to do before choosing to use this method is to learn as much as possible about it. This is how a person can further understand how it could possibly help or not help. The advantages and disadvantages of hypnotherapy are discussed below.


Usually hypnotherapy does not involve needing to take possibly risky supplements or medications. It often is used in conjunction with regular physical workouts and proper diet.

It is even said that hypnotherapy can actually replace diet and exercise. However, usually it is recommended that you still follow a proper diet and exercise program.

It is a procedure that can make a person feel very relaxed as well. It often is used to help reduce unnecessary stress and negative feelings attached to being overweight.

It often is regarded as a way for a person to better his or her total sense of self-worth. It may not be the preferred method by everyone. However, apparently for many people who have tried it, it is one that actually does work.

Using this therapy also is said to be used in a variety of other instances, other than for weight loss. For instance, people who use it may struggle with one or more of the following disorders: Smoking cessation, addictions, nausea, or vomiting (especially nausea or vomiting during pregnancy).


This process can help people deal with a variety of problems related to mounting stress and low self-esteem. However, it may not be appropriate for people who are struggling with too severe of psychological problems.

For instance, it is not fit for people who have the following disorders: split personality, borderline psychosis, and very severe depression.

It also is only used if in addition to and not in replacement of psychotherapy for certain types of post-traumatic and anxiety or stress disorders. If it is used as such it is not meant to be a replacement and could actually harm a person versus help a person.

Another disadvantage is sometimes the high cost. Along with that the fact that it is hard to find a hypnotherapist with the proper credentials that can be hard.

One last thing you also may want to know. This procedure may not be effective on but 50% of people who have tried it, though at least 85% of these people have found that it has worked.

Some Clarifications

There is the misconception that if you use hypnotherapy you may fall asleep and never wake up. Even if somehow the session was interrupted while you were deep into it you could fall asleep. But then you would wake up later.

Another clarification also can be made. That is, one of the reasons people fall asleep at home while attempting hypnotherapy for weight loss is simply because of boredom.

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