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Hypnotherapy Session Stories

Hypnotherapy is used for a variety of reasons in a variety of scenarios. This process seems to be quite effective for use of smoking cessation and weight loss.

It often is used for a variety of other purposes as indicated in stories as well as examples present in this article. Marriage and family counseling often accompanies the use of various hypnotherapeutic approaches.

You may want to call a specialist to discuss your specific needs. Caring professionals will facilitate confidential sessions that can help you achieve your personal goals.

Karen’s Story

Karen had lived a hard life. After her father moved out, her mother cared for three kids and took on a full time job to make ends meet. Karen lost the full time attention of her mother and her father at the same time.

Karen was the oldest child and as the oldest child she took on the responsibility of caretaking of her brother and baby sister. She was also responsible for many of the chores around the house. She stayed home and looked after the place when her mom was at work.

Karen became the second parent to her siblings. Even though there was the support of baby sitters and neighbors who provided after school child care, she was the primary caretaker.

Needless to say all this stress and responsibility can take a toll on a young girl’s life. It can really wear her out and it bring pressure on her like no other.

This is one case in which traumatic healing may be needed. There are other cases similar to this in which a young girl may have also come from an abusive home on top of it. This is yet another case in which hypnotherapy may help.

The Therapist (Selection Guide)

A therapist who deals in hypnotherapy must be well grounded in psychotherapeutic approaches. This all should be first consideration of a person undertaking use of hypnotherapy.

Professionals should not attempt hypnotherapy with any disorder for which they would not use traditional therapeutic approaches. With that in mind, therapists that are unskilled or untrained can cause further harm than benefit.

You should be careful who you consult for the purpose of implementing positive change in your life. It can have a detrimental affect on you if you choose the wrong persons. It cannot be stressed enough how important this selection process really is.

Ideally, they should have the proper titles, certifications, and licenses typically acquired by individuals in this field. You should ask your doctor if you are concerned about the credentials of an individual in this field.


In some cases, hypnotherapy was used to help treat terminally ill cancer patients. The conclusion was that hypnotherapy was more effective at enhancing quality of life. It was also good for relieving anxiety and depressive symptoms.

It often was a supplement to receiving traditional care. It often was given to patients who received periodic medical injections. However, the participants would have become non-compliant without the adjunct intervention of hypnotherapy.

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