Tibetan Doctor

Tibetan Doctor

A qualified Tibetan doctor is usually the one who is involved in overseeing the treatment of various sicknesses, diseases, aches, and pains. They are also the ones who are usually responsible for the precise mixing of Tibetan herbs.

When you choose to use natural remedies in this manner, you are getting a good, equal, balance herbal blend. That is as long as you find your supply from an expert who knows what he or she is doing.


Some of the locations in the world where Tibetan doctors may operate include Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu, and Sichuan. Several thousands of medical professionals have been trained in recent decades in how to deal with Tibetan medicines.

There are also 57 hospitals of Tibetan medicine throughout China as well as 30 Tibetan medicine factories. The refugee community in Dharamsala has a medical college and there are several small manufacturers of Tibetan herb products.

These smaller manufacturers of specialized herbal concentrations are located throughout India and Nepal. These herbs are then used in many places throughout the Eastern as well as the Western half of the world.

About the Practice

Tibetan doctors of course practice what is called Tibetan medicine. Just like other traditional medical systems, this medicinal practice is highly complex.

In fact, today it is a blend of 2500 years of experience and learning. Knowledge gained is brought in from the medicinal practices used in Greece, China, and India.

As you may already know, much is involved in dealing with health and disease treatment. A vast number of modern pharmacologists, herb enthusiasts, and product developers have focused on specific herbal solutions.

Two of the primary herbs used include rhodiola and hippophae. These two very popular healing herbs have been used in remedies which have cured ailments of many people. These are mixed with many other solutions to create unique treatments.

Conditions Treated

A Tibetan doctor might be responsible for healing a variety of types of bone and join problems such as backaches or arthritis. They may also be responsible for helping with treating one of a variety of viral sicknesses, or even major cancers or illnesses.

There is, however, a fine line between what a Tibetan doctor is able to do legally. This is what often is learned when the proper herbal medicine training and medical schooling is received.

The Objective

A Tibetan doctor helps those who may not otherwise find a solution to a certain problem. In this the challenge is that finding natural remedies that work can often be a problem.

However, in many cases it can be done. Part of this is in finding balance by using the five cosmic elements and three basic energies.

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