Should You Opt for Dental Implants?

Receiving dental implants is the most advanced and reliable method of replacing lost teeth. They look, feel and work so much like natural teeth that you will never feel the difference. Unlike bridges and dentures, they can last at least ten years. But they can be expensive and this is what deters most people from opting for them. Dental implants are made of ti

Top Online Health Tips to Remain Fit

A growing number of people are struggling to remain fit and healthy these days because they are glued to the internet and television during most of their waking hours. To make matters worse, they also consume unhealthy food rich in sugar, salt and saturated fats. As a result, they are not only becoming obese, but also dying of diseases like diabetes and stroke

Dandruff – Alternative Therapies

Aromatherapy Practitioners recommend bathing the affected areas three times a week with a 2 percent essence of geranium in a distilled water base. Another remedy calls for massaging a 10 percent sage essence in an olive oil base into the affected areas, then waiting two hours before washing out the mixture. This procedure should be followed twice a week. Herba