How to recognize a Valium addiction

What many people do not realize when receiving prescription tranquilizing medicines such as Valium is that it can be just as addictive and potentially damaging as some illegal drugs. It is widely assumed that Valium can be a one stop fix for problems such as anxiety, seizures or insomnia, however even medically tested prescription medicines have their risks. W

Does Popular Culture Encourage Drinking?

Introduction: More and more researchers over time are studying the role of alcohol within American popular culture, especially when it comes to the effects it has upon its audience. The amount of movies, TV shows and commercials promoting and glorifying drinking is ever on the increase, and many studies are presenting a correlation between these positive portr

Are Certain People More Likely to Become Drug Addicts?

Drug addiction is something that regularly tears families apart and is something that can potentially disrupt any of our lives. Unfortunately however, there are certain people that are more likely to become or have to deal with drug addiction than others. For these people there is little they can do to avoid having to cope with drugs in someway. The following

The Dangers of Drug Addiction

Recreational drug use is becoming more and more acceptable as the years go on. Socially, it seems widely acceptable to occasionally take cannabis or MDMA. However, despite the seemingly more relaxed attitude towards certain drugs most of them are still illegal and they are not without their dangers and risks. The biggest problem is when recreational use become