11 Things To Do Instead Of Smoking

No one ever said: “it’s easy to quit smoking.” And while there doesn’t seem to be one magic strategy that works for everyone, there are a number of techniques that have helped many people successfully quit; one is bound to work for you! The hardest part is the earliest days where the nicotine withdrawals and cravings put your willpower

Is It Possible To Get Hair Regrowth?

If you are losing your hair, you may hope to discover a way to get the hair to regrow. Many before you have started out on the same quest. Today science, nutrition and naturopathy offer us more answers than our forebears on the question of hair regrowth. Chinese medicine also offers some insights that are now more widely known. The short answer is: it depends!

Protecting Your Skin From The Sun During Your Vacation

If you’re heading off to a tropical destination this winter, you’d best take some precautions to protect your skin. If your skin hasn’t been exposed to strong sunlight for a while, the sudden change to spending days in the sun with most of your skin exposed can be very damaging. To make sure that you come back from your trip, not only invigor

Coping With And Curing Social Anxiety

Sufferers of serious social anxiety will already be aware of the impact that it has on their daily lives and personal relationships. With social anxiety often causing sufferers to be unable to create and maintain new friendships, romantic relationships, or attend and enjoy social events such as parties, those who have social anxiety will often find themselves

Arthritis Diet Do’s And Don’ts

Arthritis is a serious health matter that is a debilitating burden for millions of people around the world. About 1 in every 5 American adults have doctor-diagnosed arthritis, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This disease covers over 100 related conditions that affect the joints and other organs, causing pain, swelling and infl

The Health Benefits Of Chiropractic Care That You Might Not Know About

Most people who have never been to a chiropractor before have only a vague idea of what chiropractic care is really about. It’s only for back pain, right? It’s the same as going to a masseuse. All chiropractors do is “crack” your back. I’ve heard all those myths before, and I think it’s time to dispel them. Chiropractic care has a number of benef

Indulge But Stay Healthy This Christmas

What with all that figgy pudding and those over generous gift givers, there’s barely any chance that you’re going to lose any weight over the Christmas holidays so best advice is don’t even bother trying. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you have to completely give in to all manner of foodie temptations but if you follow a few tried a

5 Tips To Reduce Asthma Attacks At Home

Asthma can be a deadly disease, triggered by the smallest of reasons. People suffering from asthma have to be extra careful to avoid attacks. They can’t function in an environment that is even the least bit polluted. This can stifle their freedom. However, they have a right to feel safe at home. If you can’t stop worrying about asthma attacks at home, then

7 Things You Eat (And Drink) That Will Ruin Your Lovely White Teeth

Everyone wants their teeth to be white forever. That means you will have to be careful because it’s easy to ruin them by eating certain things. You don’t want end up in the dentist’s chair having your teeth ripped from your mouth because you spent many years slowly destroying them. It’s time you found out what food and drink is most li

6 ‘Healthy’ Foods That Aren’t Actually Too Good For You

People think certain foods are healthy, but I want them to know they’re not as healthy as they think. I’m sure you love the fact food companies provide you with tasty food, but how would you feel if certain foods weren’t as healthy as you first thought? There are a large number of foods we eat because they’re deemed healthy, but we̵