Go Sober For October: Our Top Tips

The final few months of the year has always been an interesting one when it comes to our sobriety. On the one hand, October is one where many charities encourage you to give up the likes of smoking and alcohol for the month, while when it comes to Christmas it’s awash with socialising, Christmas parties and eggnog on Christmas Day morning.

However, if Stoptober or going Sober for October is something you’re thinking about, then good on you.

It’s not an easy feat, and actually if you really do struggle it could be a sign of problems with a substance. For example, if you can’t stay off alcohol for more than a couple of days, it may start to notice signs of addiction and it could be that alcohol rehab is worth looking into.

That in itself is perhaps a successful result for going Sober for October, as you’ve identified an issue that needs solving for the benefit of your health, but if you’re looking to go the whole month, here are a few tips to help you reach Halloween with no alcohol demons on your back…

Declare your goals

Set out your intentions not only to yourself but friends and family too. Making your goals out loud will make you more determined to see them through and you can even make charts and social media posts to provide updates on a day to day basis. It’s that out loud commitment that is important and can be a driving force behind you following it through.

Avoid Triggers

When it comes to suffering from alcohol addiction, avoiding anything that could trigger relapse and succumbing to a pint of beer or swig of alcohol is a must. And the same applies when trying to give it up for a month in October.

Think about the scenarios in which you drink and what makes you turn to alcohol. You’ll likely notice key trends, and therefore it’s worth avoiding those trends.

Find alternatives

Many people use alcohol as a coping mechanism, so if that’s you then find an alternative to that. Often what can be a good plan is to have a change of scenery, so perhaps go for a walk or do some exercise, or even trips to the cinema can be a great idea to destress and escape from reality for a short while, which is essentially what you’re doing with alcohol.

Of course, visiting the pub could be a regular social thing you do too, so for one month maybe meet your friends at a coffee shop or think of a different way to spend time together.

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