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Atkins Carb Counter Diet

According to Dr. Atkins’ theory, majority of people have the surest way of losing enough weight by checking on their carbohydrate intake. By curbing the carbs people can quickly shed many kilos off. A huge chunk of dieters agree to what Dr. Atkins has to say about this carb check mainly because they have seen great results. The Atkins carb counter diet enforces stringent rules about the amount of carbs the participants take in different phases.

Following Dr. Atkin’s diet helps the people to get a knack of the dieting process. It helps to understand how diet works and the amount of carbs taken in the food that one eats. On the top of it, Atkins’ diet inculcates the necessary diet discipline that a person should have.

A plethora of followers for Dr. Atkins’ diet has led to the development of many carb counter guides by many nutritionists, companies and also physicians. These guides are good reference material to find out the amount of carb in a particular food or diet one is planning to eat. These reference guides are mainly helpful when one is dining out.

Atkins Carb Counter Diet - Dr. Atkins' Book

Dr. Atkins had a book on the carb counter diet and as its companion; he has now published another book, the New Carbohydrate Gram Counter which is a small and handy book having more than 1,200 food listings that include hundred of products with brand names.

In this book, the categorization of foods in done by their type, for example poultry, beverages, deserts etc. In the desert section, one can find a vast range of ice creams, sorbet products, cakes and cookies. You can find that the desert section is quite expanded in this edition. Also, in this edition there is updated information on many fresh and latest brand name products.

A plus in this guide is the listing of fat and protein content in the listed food items. There are mixed opinions about this addition. Some dieters say that this added information is helpful but some feel that it is a waste of space as Atkins diet focuses majorly on carb control and not on fat and proteins. In this guide, there is not much information on Atkins diet because the guide mainly focuses on carb listing of food items.

Free Options

Some people want to shed weight but they don’t wish to shed anything prom pocket. For them, there are options of free downloads and prints made available by various Atkins experts. These enthusiasts publish free guides on carb counter that one can easily download and also print. Following are a few sources are:

  • Atkins Diet Carb Counter
  • Atkins Carb Counter
  • Official Atkins Acceptable Induction Foods List

These are mini guides who are not that expansive as Atkins’ guide, but these small guides include the common carb listings that are needed by many people. The advantage with these mini guides is that they are absolutely free and give immediate access to the much needed carb listings.

Carb Counter Software

In the internet generation, computer savvy individuals are growing by leaps and bounds. For such geeky dieters, there is Atkins carb counter software which provides more than 1,500 listings of food and beverages with a quick search option. This database can also be customized as per your choice which can help you for easier and quicker reference.

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