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Basics of the Atkins Diet

The basis of the Atkins diet is that if its principles are followed, one would succeed in losing weight, keeping it at bay permanently, and also have overall health benefits which would help in the prevention of various chronic diseases.

The Different Sages

As in many other diets, the Atkins diet is also made up of different stages. Its four stages include:

Induction – Stage 1

Carb intake in this stage is strictly restricted, which puts the body in an induced ketosis state, wherein there is a rapid burning up of calories. The carbs that can be consumed during this stage include only non starchy green vegetables. Carb intake stays lesser than 20 grams per day. This is often looked upon as the most difficult stage of the diet. Benefits of this stage are that it leads to a stabilization of the blood sugar levels and also minimizes sugar cravings. This stage generally lasts for a couple of weeks.

Ongoing Weight Loss – Stage 2

This stage allows the carb intake to increase gradually by 5 grams each week, and this goes on until the weight loss reaches a plateau. Then, the carb intake is reduced again until the desired weight loss starts again. In accordance to an individual’s metabolism, carb intake during this stage can vary in between 25 and 30 grams per day.

Pre Maintenance – Stage 3

A dieter would get to this stage when the desired weight loss in almost accomplished. Carb intake in increased gradually until the weight loss almost stops.

Lifetime Maintenance – Stage 4

This is where dieters reach when they accomplish their goals of weight loss. Carb intake remains at a level that does not cause the weight to increase. The diet claims that following this lifestyle can result in the overall fitness levels of the dieters getting better.

Why Atkins?

A number of people like being on this diet primarily because one can attain weight loss while continuing to eat unlimited amounts of proteins in the form of eggs, cheese, steaks, etc. A number of people have lost weight owing to the Atkins diet. This diet is also supported by biological backing, as a number of ‘hunter gatherers’ survived eating only nuts, seeds, and meat for quite some time.

The diet also claims that it can reduce one's cholesterol, and the reasoning behind this is that even though a dieter might consume large volumes of fatty food, only about 1/4th of the blood’s cholesterol comes from the food that is eaten, as opposed to the remainder which is produced in the liver.

Atkins is quite similar to other diets wherein better and quicker results are achieved if exercising is made a part of one’s plan. Besides, exercise also aids in one’s overall wellbeing.

Owing to being a big business, Atkins has come out with a variety of packed food, and cookbooks and recipes pertaining to the Atkins diet are easily available. Atkins is also working alongside other businesses such as TGI Fridays.

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