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Atkins Diet Food List

Before you embark on a new diet plan, you must know all about the foods that you should eat. The Atkins Diet food list mentioned below will assist you in choosing the healthy foods for abiding by the Atkins plan from the level of induction through maintenance.

Why an Atkins Diet Food List?

People have a notion that the Atkins Diet plan is basically a no-carb, high-protein and fat-free diet, which is not true. Rather, Atkins Diet teaches you to choose the good carbs that the body can process efficiently, such as plant-based carbs. Carbohydrates are only allowed in the form of vegetables. Hence, the Atkins Diet food list is important to rule out all the myths associated with the diet.

Free Foods

Free foods can be eaten without bothering about the quantity; you can eat till the time you are actually satisfied. Such foods include:

  • Meat: unprocessed meant, such as beef, lamb, pork, mutton, veal, ham and venison. Bacon is also allowed provided that it has not been processed. Nitrite-free bacon is the most preferred choice.
  • Poultry: unprocessed poultry, such as turkey, chicken, goose, corish hens, duck, ostrich, emu and pheasant.
  • Fish: unprocessed fishes like tuna, catfish, salmon, snapper, trout, sole, herring, sardines and other fishes.
  • Shellfish: unprocessed shellfish like clams, shrimps, oysters, lobster, calamari, scallops and mussels. However, imitation shellfish or crabs are forbidden.
  • Eggs: real eggs are always allowed, like duck, chicken, goose r quail.


Vegetables are categorically divided into 2 groups in Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution:

  • Salad Vegetables: Lettuce, such as romanine, iceberg, Bibb, mache, escarole, raddichio, enduve and arugula. Leafy herbs like thyme, oregano, dill and cilantro can also be included. Other vegetables like chives, bok choy, feel, cucumber, peppers, parsley etc are included in this group.
  • Other Vegetables: The list includes cabbage, asparagus, cauliflower, kale, eggplant, kohlrabi, onions, tomatoes, turnips, okra, avocado, leafy greens, brussel sprouts etc.


Fats are also allowed ad is important for your health as well. Cold-pressed vegetable oils can be used. An also good source of omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon or linseed oil must be includes. Margarine is not allowed, but you can have butter occasionally. You are allowed nut oils, olive oils, vegetable oils ad seed oils.


Dairy products are usually permitted, but you should choose the low-fat ones. Yoghurt isn’t allowed, but cheese can be eaten once in a week.

  • Cheese: cheese derived fro full-fat goat or cow or sheep’s milk is allowed. Also soy cheese is permitted. Diet cheese, processed cheese or cheese spreads are not allowed.
  • Other Dairy Products: butter, heavy cream, sour cream and light cream are allowed.

Condiments and Spices

Condiments should be carefully chosen while you are on Atkins Diet. Sugar is explicitly forbidden, and all your favorite dressings, condiments and spices contain sugar. That’s why, Atkins Diet restricts salad dressings. But for people who cannot resist these foods, here’s a healthier recipe:

  • Salad dressings: vinegar and oil, lemon juice and olive oil, or even sour cream can be used.
  • Spices: individual spices can be used, except sugar.
  • Other condiments: sugar-free mayonnaise, soy sauce ad ketchup are allowed. While sour cream is allowed, yoghurt is not.


Different types of beverages can be drunk while you are on the Atkins program. However, the two forbidden categories are sugar and caffeine.

  • Water, in any form
  • Calorie-free flavored seltzer
  • Decaffeinated tea, coffee and soda
  • Cream
  • Club soda
  • Bouillion
  • Herbal tea
  • Lemon juice or simply lemon


Artificial sugar and non-sugar sweeteners are allowed, such as aspartame (Equal), sucralose (Splenda) and saccharine (Sweet ‘n’ Low). Natural sweetener like Stevia can also be used.

You must avoid sweeteners like alcohols (sorbitol, mannitol), honey syrup and corn syrup, and natural sugars (sucrose, fructose, dextrose, maltose and glucose).

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