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Atkins Diet Free Instructions

While free instructions for the Atkins diet are fairly easy to come by, reading this write-up is suggested because this explains the science that the diet involves, as described by Dr. Atkins.

The Carb Theory

The popularity of this diet has increased considerably because a number of experts and users who, besides explaining the science behind it, also describe their own experiences with the diet. If you wish to get on this diet, it is important that you understand the carb theory.

As per Dr. Atkins, our carb intake isn’t as important as looking at how these carbs are processed by our bodies. The reason behind most overweight people, he says, is that they are resistant to insulin. What this means is that the cells which convert carbs into energy or glucose aren’t properly functioning. The remedy that is suggested is that the carb intake should be substantially limited, and then increased gradually.

How the Diet Works

The idea is to get the carb intake to lesser than 40gms/day which puts the body in a state of ketosis. This is when the body ends up burning fat for fuel instead of carbs, and this leads to weight loss.

Stages and Things that can be eaten

The four stages on this diet include Induction; On Going Wight Loss; Pre Maintenance; and Maintenance.

The fist stage lasts for 2 weeks and in this stage a dieter can lose up to 15 pounds. Carb intake in this stage is restricted to 20gms/day. Limiting you carb intake in this stage to low carb vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, and broccoli is suggested. Also, you can have only up to 3 cups of these veggies everyday.

You should avoid fruits, yogurt, starchy vegetables, alcohol, and caffeine.

‘On Going Weight Loss’, the next stage, has fewer restrictions. Your carb intake in this stage can go up by up to 5gms/day, taking your everyday carb intake to 25gms. Although, foods restricted in the induction stage should be avoided in this stage too. This stage goes on until you continue to lose weight. Once the weight loss hits a plateau, you move to the next stages.

The last 2 stages, pre maintenance and maintenance, require the addition of carbs in your diet until you get to around 40gms/day. This stage works on a trial and error method and when you see foods that lead you to gain weight, you avoid them. Weight loss in these stages is very slow.

The maintenance stage can go on indefinitely, and this works in marinating your weight. People who get to this stage have added all carbs into their plans.

At any stage of the plan, you need to stay away from carbs such as carb-rich fried food, large quantities of ‘sugary’ carbs, and large quantities of ‘white’ bread.

On the whole, this diet does have a number of supporters, and has purported many benefits. While the diet allows dieters to lose weight quickly, it also results in one’s better overall well being.

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