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How Long Should You Stay on the Atkins Diet?

For all those people who are really concerned about the contradictory reports of the associated side effects of high protein diet plans, the ones following the Atkins Diet frequently as, “How long should you stay on the Atkins Diet?”

Is Atkins a Healthy Diet Plan?

People have developed a notion that the Atkins Diet is loaded with red meats, bacon and fried butter. Well, it isn’t true as the diet isn’t really drastic. Nevertheless, when eating the given protein portions that the Atkins Diet allows (30% to 35% of the total kilojoules come from protein sources), there has not been any study or review that can prove that kidney problem or liver problem have been associated with this diet.

The key principal of the Atkins Diet is to lose weight permanently. Unlike other diet plans, it tends to take advantage of the fats and the role it has play in the body, and switched the same from an energy fuel system (backup) to a primary system. This indicates that as carbs are restricted, fats are burnt for energy. During the phase of Induction, the diet permits lower amounts cars. Slowly, healthy carbs such as vegetables are introduced. Therefore, the major portion of the diet comprises of vegetables and proteins.

Is it safe to stay on the Induction Phase?

Induction Phase promotes rapid weight loss, and people prefer that. It also limits your carbs intake to just 20 Gms per day. The longer you can follow the phase, the more weight you lose. It is easy and safe as well, provided that you meet the criterion:

  • You have your blood chemistry checked including your blood pressure, sugar, lipid profile.
  • You feel good, energetic, sleep normally and have stable moods.
  • You aren’t bored with your diet.

Even though this phase is easy to follow and you lose weight considerably, but it isn’t recommended. The Atkins approach intends to bring your through its Induction and Weight Loss Phase and then into the Lifetime Maintenance.

How Long Should You Stay on the Atkins Diet Plan?

Your metabolism changes with age. Due to this, when women go through their menopause, their carb content reduces. Many factors would determine the duration of your diet, your weight loss and how well you can keep off the weight. Some of the factors include age, metabolism, gender and medications, if any.

It also aids in keeping off the weight lost. The entire diet program has been designed to give you a good optimal health and desired body weight.

Atkins Diet and Exercise

Exercise is an integral component of every diet plan and Atkins Diet is no exception. Regular walking is advised for good health. It also helps in determining the level of individualized carbohydrate intolerance. This is an extremely vital factor in the diet plan because going above the amount will make you gain weight. Stay below the level and maintain it.

Consult a Doctor

Although its quite common, but I would like to add that you must consult a doctor before taking u the Atkins diet plan. We cannot claim that it is safe for you since we do not know your health condition; therefore, it is a doctor who can give you the best piece of advice.

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