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Atkins Diet Pros and Cons

All prominent diets have faced questions as some point or the other. However, few have encountered as many questions as the Atkins diet. While this diet’s principles defy many common scientific facts, and even though it has faced a lot of criticism, a growing number of people continue to vouch for its positive results. For well over a decade, the Atkins diet has continued to remain in the spotlight of diets.

The Good

When followed in the right fashion, this diet does help in weight loss. The number of case studies and the number of people acknowledging its success only continues to grow. This is not just for losing weight but also for improving people's lipid profile.

People fond of various kinds of cheese and meat can follow this regimen quite easily. Diets, more often than not, restrict various things, either completely or in large quantities. While the Atkins diet restricts one’s carb intake, this really does not matter much to people who enjoy their ice creams in this day and age of artificial sweeteners.

This diet can also work in getting rid of people’s cravings for carbs like bread as long as it is strictly adhered to. Also, there a number of recipe options when it comes to following this diet.

The Bad

Owing to the low carb life recommended by the Atkins diet, an increasing number of low carb products have started appearing on supermarket shelves. This has given people an increased range of stuff to choose from. However, with an abundance of choice, people do tend to consume more; and the higher the intake of calories, the lesser the effect of the diet. Craving for low carb delicacies isn’t really helpful, and they aren’t very delicious anyways.

Also, the body can be put into considerable stress while in the ‘induction’ period. Induction works by inducing a ketosis state, wherein the body thinks it is starving. This does cause some stress, and whether benefitting through the weight loss outweighs the probable damage owing to this induced state continues to be debated. Dieters should ensure that they do not stay in this stage for a prolonged period.

A number of people also complain of energy loss whilst on this diet. All diets require you to exercise in tandem, and this can be quite difficult in the early stages of the Atkins diet because of the induced ketosis which can leave one feeling quite exhausted.

While fiber is an important aspect of most diets, and is known to aid digestive functioning and reduce disease, the Atkins diet recommends less fiber, particularly in the induction period. However, this problem becomes less acute upon the diet’s advancement because more fiber from vegetables is then introduced into the diet.

Finally, the choice is really yours to make. You have to decide what is best, and if you do have a lot of weight to lose, the most appropriate diet is the one that you think you can follow.

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