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Atkins Diet Tips

Being on the Atkins diet involves making some significant changes in one’s diet. The adjustments that are part of most weight loss programs often result in them being abandoned. However, owing to the following tips for Atkins diet, following it does become way easier.

Atkins Food Suggestions


  • Eat adequately. While portion sizes and calories do matter, it is necessary that you do eat enough.
  • Eat vegetables. Atkins isn’t a ‘no carb’ diet, but a ‘low carb’ diet. While veggies do have carbs, they also contain fiber and other important nutrients that our body needs.
  • Intake of adequate water is important as it assists in digestion.
  • Prepare food using different methods, and be willing to experiment with new types of food
  • Do check the labels of packed food that you buy (even meat products) as they can have hidden sugar.
  • Dessert can include low carb fruits.


  • While cheese is something that you can eat, do not overdo it. Your cheese intake should not exceed more than a couple of ounces everyday. Besides, eating large quantities of cheese can also lead to constipation.
  • Try and avoid a barrage of artificially sweetened food. This can result in ‘food cravings’.
  • There’s a difference between being satisfied and being stuffed.
  • Try and keep your carb allocation for vegetables as oppose to ‘legal’ deserts.
  • Avoid sodas in large quantity. Not only are they artificially sweetened, but they also end up replacing the all important water.

Atkins Diet Lifestyle Tips


  • Almost every diet is incomplete without exercise and the same goes for Atkins.
  • Stress often has a negative effect on weight loss programs.
  • Sleep well as it affects our well being. As per research, less than 7 hours sleep each night makes weight loss a harder process.


  • Do not get discouraged by what cynics say. Atkins diet does have a number of detractors, and you should therefore ensure that you do not get talked into abandoning your plan.
  • The weighing scale isn’t the best judge of the success of your program, your energy levels and clothes are. Do not rely solely only on your scale.
  • Do not have guilt about saying no to foods that you wish to avoid.
  • Do not panic upon hitting a plateau. You should know that the body can take up to 8 weeks for losing weight after the weight loss achieved initially. Staying on the plan will result in weight loss eventually.

General Atkins Diet Tips

  • The Atkins Diet is one popular method. Always consult a doctor before starting any diet.
  • Get rid of foods that aren't allowed from your home. There is no point in trying to fight your temptation when it can be avoided.
  • Understand the plan before embarking upon it. The initial period can be quite stringent, but then, you do move on. The first couple of weeks can be difficult but are not indicative of what’s to follow.
  • At any given time, carry something that you can snack on when you are lured by temptation.

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