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Vegetarian Atkins Diet

With more and more emphasis on cheese and meat, it is really possible to have a vegetarian Atkins Diet? Yes it is, but only if you want to spend some time and effort to carefully plan your diet and ensure that you get the required amounts of nutrition and protein.

Protein and Vegetarianism

Vegetarians, who take eggs and dairy products, must ensure ample protein intake, which is easier, unlike the vegans on Atkins Diet. A thumb rule for adequate protein intake is to eat at least 2g protein per pound of the body weight. Although it sounds too much, especially when you are on a diet, but for a optimal health and for success, you would need that amount of protein.

Why So Much Protein?

The body fails to function properly without the amino acids contained in proteins, and these amino acids are often used for the different body functions and other processes. These essential amino acids are produced I or body, but there are others that need to be provided from external sources. Without these amino acids, the body cannot properly make the proteins required for growth, healing and other important functions.

The interesting fact is that animal proteins and meats contain all these amino acids in abundance but vegetable proteins don't. For this reason, vegetarians are asked to combine grains and beans, because they form the complete protein required by the body for all the vital functions. Soy protein is extremely important for vegetarians because it is a complete source of protein. Soy, however, is believed to have many associated health risks. And therefore, you should not eat soy in larger portions.

Vegan, who want to go on a low-carb diet, can focus on seeds and nuts for their protein requirements. Seeds and nuts, particularly seeds contain adequate protein per ounce than all the other vegetable sources. Soy protein powder also doesn't work well for the vegan low car dieters.

Other Low-Carb Foods

The different foods permitted on the Atkins Diet Plan should not pose to create any problems for vegetarians, irrespective of the level of diet being followed. The Atkins Diet

Food List comprises of vegetables, with exceptions of peas, corn and potatoes; dried beans are problematic and are complex carbs basically. Again, if you want to have dried beans you would be on a less strict duet. After the completion of the Induction phase, low-car fruits like cantaloupe and berries are added to your diet in small portions. Oils and fats like nut oils, olive oils and certain vegetable oils can be allowed. Butter is also permitted, which is good news for lacto-ovo vegetarians, but vegans will omit it. In the same way, cheese can be included for the lacto-ovo vegetarians, while the vegans will not have it.

Vegetarian Atkins Diet

Atkins diet can be incorporated to a vegetarian lifestyle as well as there is a wide variety. Varied nuts and seeds and adequate portions of cheese and eggs are crucial for health. Sensible use of fresh vegetables and soy products and fruits will also add some variety to your diet. The safety and success of this plan is dependent on certain factor that includes careful planning of the food menu.

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