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Atkins Diet and Wine

If you intend to start with the Atkins diet, or if you’re already on it, it is important that you understand the relationship between wine consumption and the diet. Atkins is a diet that strictly regulates your carb intake. The Atkins diet has 3 steps, and wine plays a crucial role in each. In order to succeed with your diet, you would probably need to make changes in your wine drinking habits in accordance with your diet’s goals. Besides, wine isn’t necessarily bad.

When Do You Say No to Wine?

Induction is the first step of the Atkins diet. During this time, you carbohydrate intake is greatly reduced in order to flush out all the harmful carbs from the body. To get any kind of success from the Atkins diet, the induction step needs to be adhered to in the first couple of weeks.

Wine finds a place within this diet. However, in induction you cannot drink any kind of wine. Again, to see positive results wine should be refrained from during induction.

While wine has fairly low carb content, you still should not drink any in the diet’s first step. It has been noted the blood sugar in the body spikes up owing to the contents of wine, thereby giving rise to inconsistent blood sugar levels. When the blood sugar spikes, the body ends up craving for large amounts of sugar (sweets). So, by eliminating wine from your first step, you reduce the chances of your eating things that aren’t allowed.

After The First Step

Once you cross the induction stage, the diet tells you how your carb intake can be increased. You gradually start building up your carb intake in accordance to the diet. Wine can find its way on your menu once you get to the ‘maintenance’ stage. If wine is added in your menu, you should not forget to consider it as a source of carbs. While a majority of the wines have considerably low volumes of carbs, these carbs do add up to your everyday carb intake limit.

At any stage, wherein you are steadily losing weight, consuming wine is best avoided as it could oppose your weight loss efforts.

Drinking Wine with Success

The following tips can guide you in your wine consumption.

  • While the diet allows you to drink wine once you cross the initial stage, too much wine is never recommended.
  • The carbs present in alcohol do not stop the burning of fat, as opposed to the carbs present in sugar.
  • Sweet wines (with added sugar) are best avoided.
  • The maximum amount of wine intake suggested by Atkins is 3.5 ounces.
  • Try limiting your wine intake to a glass a day
  • Old world wines (like Bordeaux) can be incorporated in your diet plans.
  • Wine can be used to flavor a number of food dishes.

The term wine that is used in this write-up refers to alcoholic beverages which are fruit based. Measures vary in accordance to the type of alcohol. Remember, the aim of any alcohol intake should be restraint, and should have no additional sugar.

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