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Pilates DVDs

There are different types of Pilates DVDs which can help a person in maintaining his body and physique. These Pilates DVDs include the beginner, intermediate and Advanced DVDs. Besides this, there is also the inclusion of weight loss DVDS and DVDs which can be helpful in toning and shaping the different body parts.

Beginner Pilates DVDs

The first section of this DVD is from the Maggie Rhoades. In this set of DVDs there are different types of exercises which are set according the different routine and different time limit. And the best thing about the Beginner Pilates DVDs is that it also includes a workout program which can be performed in just 10 minutes.

Then next is the Pilates Beginning Workout Program with Ana Caban. This program includes all types of beginner’s exercises which can be performed on mat. And the best thing about this workout routine is that there is no need of any kind of investment from the customer as there is no need of any kind of equipment. Then last is the Pilates Workout with Michelle Dozois with the help of dummies. This is considered to be the best and the easiest option for the beginners as the routine includes all the exercises and their related philosophies in an explained manner.

Intermediate Pilates DVDs

The first section of this DVD is the Intermediate Workout Program with Ana Caban on Mat. Once the person has mastered in all the exercises of the beginner level, then this intermediate level is a great way to tone to the body in an effective manner.

Then next is the Intermediate Stott Pilates Program with Moira on Mat. This is considered to be the intermediate mat based Pilate’s workout which is expensive. But it includes a DVD of duration 2.5 hours which has different types of options.

Advanced Pilates DVDs

The first section of this DVD includes the mat workout program with Sara Picot and Kristine Bishop. These DVDs are specially designed for those people who have already gained a lot of experience in the Pilates exercises on both the mats and Pilates machines. In order to provide the advance practice to the person, this DVD includes all the original form of the Pilates but there is no need to purchase any kind of equipment for this purpose.

Then next is the Advanced NY Style Pilates Workout Program with Jonathan and McCarthy. This mainly includes all the exercises which can be done in fast way and is considered to be a great Pilate’s workout.

Then last is the Advanced Pilates with Kathy Casey. This is also a quick workout routine and it includes all the fast exercises which have to be performed in just 30 minutes. That is why, this is preferable for those students who have a good experience of each exercise and know why and how each exercise has to be performed. This is just like the normal routine which has to be followed in an effective manner.

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