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Pilates Moves

Basically the moves of the Pilates exercises includes the stretching of the yoga and the resistance training combined. Following the Pilates exercise moves is really very important and it offers lot of benefit to the beginners and exercisers also.

The postures in the Pilates exercise

The very first step of the Pilates exercise is to stand straight and still. Before any one starts Pilates exercise its really very important on his or her part to hold the proper posture. This is basically to ensure that all the exercises have complete impact on your body and you are at the lowest risk.

  • First of all stand straight and still with your toe facing forward and your back straight. Don’t try to lock your knees and tense your any body part. The body should remain aligned completely with the weight on the ankles.
  • Try to pull your abdominals. Do this part in a way that you are trying to fit yourself in a dress which is very tight for you. This actually engages the core muscles required in the Pilates exercise.
  • Carry out the same for your tale bone also. Just drop your tail bone and pull it back towards your body again. One will actually feel this in his or her core as well.
  • Then after all above steps let your chest and shoulder relax. Leave the tension achieved in the body.

Pilates exercise moves for the exercise on mat

For such exercise one needs to have an exercise mat. If you don’t own the mat then yoga mat will also do. But using a towel may not provide you with the comfortable padding which you actually need.

Actually the roll ups are the best as substitute for the abdominal crunches. To carry out roll ups one should follow the following steps:-

  1. Lie down on the mat in Pilate’s posture and instead of putting your feet straight point your toes.
  2. Now keeping the arms straight try to pull them backwards till they reach above your head. Stretch your fingers to the extent you can.
  3. Touch your chin to your chest and start rolling up, making your hands move forward. Keep your abdominals tensionless.
  4. After roll ups are done first open your hands or arms. Chin should be left at last.
  5. Try to repeat this workout or exercise six to seven times. Never try to use any kind of momentum to keep you rolling up. Always use your abs.

The standing moves in Pilates exercise

The standing exercise is the only exercise which does not require any equipment. It can be done anywhere.

This exercise is wonderfully straightforward or simple or trouble free to do.

  1. First take the basic Pilates posture.
  2. Try to lift up your toes and put your complete weight on your ankles.
  3. Keep holding your toes for about fifteen to twenty seconds. The toes of the both the feet at once only.

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