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Pilates Power Gym

In order to get the complete benefit of the Pilates workout one should join the Pilates gym.

The Pilates power gym is basically a kind of fitness equipment which can be brought at home by the experienced and learner or beginner Pilate’s athlete in order to have a slim, fit and athletic built.

The Pilates power gym allows the people to do all the movements or Pilate’s exercises in a very effortless way and help in having tone up body. The features like multiple levels incline which are four in number and multiple resistance chords help in making your moves little bit more challenging these are the only feature not available on Pilate’s reformer machine.

All the equipments of Pilate’s power gym are made up of stainless steel but still complete frame can be folded and then it can be kept under the bed.

Marvelous features of Pilates Power Gym

Basically the Pilates power gym is large padded board which glides along with the track. The Pilates power gym can also be adjusted at the number of different levels for the different and make the moves perfect or even more challenging.

The foot straps in Pilate’s power gym are padded and they are wound on the sides, this actually allows the user to do number of exercises by holding the straps over in by hands and foot.

The power gym also consists of a head rest which can be folded when it’s not required. This feature really makes it very simple to lie down comfortably on it and one has to move cables or wires with his or her hands in order to move your body up and down.

It is also provided with an additional push bar that can be tied at the opposite end. And to move around or from one place to another it is also provided with the four wheels mounted on its legs.

At the time of assembly or when the machine is assembled it is about fifty six inches long, seventeen and half inches wide and thirteen inches elevated or tall. It also weighs about sixty one inches, but with the help of wheels it can be moved easily around anywhere if someone needs to keep it in store room or any other area and want it pulled out only when it is required to use.

What we get with the Pilates power gym

If the one has decided to buy the pilates power gym, then he or she will get fully assembled machine, the package will also contain a set of DVD’s and to help one in loosing weight a nutrition or diet plan is also provided with it.

The dealer provides you or gives you two options while buying machine. the two options are really very amazing buyer either buy it by paying the full price or buy it in easy monthly installments (EMI) which comes about fifty to sixty dollars per month. Monthly installment also offers you with one option of returning the machine back to the dealer within thirty days if it does not suits you or you don’t like its performance.

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