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Pilates Thigh Lengthening Exercises

During world war the fitness program created by Joseph Pilates helped injured soldiers to recover from their injuries. Due to its good effects this program was adopted by athletes and dancers for having a balanced body. Now the exercises created by Pilate have gained popularity for all those having physical problems.

For lengthening all over your body parts on of the greatest way is the Pilates exercise. This helps to achieve energy in your legs.

The Pilates exercises make your muscle work by stretching them. This exercise virtually makes you fell taller and stronger, indeed no other exercise could make you tall in real. In reality this exercise just aligns your spine. Pilates exercise provides you with extreme strength and flexibility. This will make you walk tall and maintain a better sitting posture.

The classic Pilates thigh lengthening exercises

There are certain Pilate’s exercises like leg kicks and thigh lifts, merely meant for thighs.leg kicks can be performed in following way. Lay yourself in an erect posture on one side of your body. Lift your head and bend your lower arm. Do not lift your elbow from the ground.

Then lift up your top leg to open it in front. Remain in this posture for a breath and then retain back your previous posture. For next move, take your leg perpendicularly up in air. After a breath lower your leg again. Repeat these moves for three to four times with the same side and after that perform the similar exercise move on the other side with other leg.

Then comes thigh lifts. To begin remain in the same posture. Now again start by lifting your top leg. The second step is to bend your knees and bring your leg forward. Your foot should be on ground in the forefront of your hip with toes in forward direction. Hold your ankles from your top hand.

With the next breath lift your bottom leg above from floor hold there and then retain your previous posture. Repeat these moves three to four times and then do the similar exercise on other side.

Other thigh exercise

There are certain other Pilate’s exercises also for strengthening and lengthening of thighs. You can begin with the bridge pose followed by lifting and straightening one leg perpendicularly above. Then again lower your leg so that both of your thighs are parallel. Repeat on this side for five to six times and then repeat this exercise on the other side.

You could also practice another postures like leg circles. Again lay yourself on one side of your body. Then raise your top leg above few inches pointing your toes in the forward direction. For ten times make circles with your leg in a particular direction and then repeat these same in the opposite direction. While performing this move always hold your abs in. Then repeat the same exercise with your other leg.

Certain safety measures

It is always advisable that these Pilates thigh lengthening exercises must be practiced only by peoples having some familiarity with Pilate’s exercises; otherwise it is quite certain to make yourself injured.

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