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What is pain?

Pain is an emotionally and physically disturbing, distressing sensation which signals that something is wrong. Pain is physically and emotionally distressing for anyone and is a waring that something is wrong. People differ in their ability to bear pain, but eventually almost everyone seeks help to get to the root of the problem and cure it. There are different types of pain or the symptoms for each disease and ailments, like

All above are some examples of different types of pain, which can be cured by taking some remedies.

Causes and Symptoms of Pain

Pain is caused by the stimulation of specific nerve endings in the skin and the lining of internal organs. The sensation of pain is the same, whether it is in response to the stimulus of injury, stretching, rise in temperature, loss of blood, or the impending cessation of cellular activity due to damage of any kind in the region.The interpretation of this complexity of reasons is a function of the higher centres in the brain.

The sensation of pain is only felt when the nervous impulse transported from an injured or stretched area reaches the brain and is translated into conscious feeling. The degree of pain felt by a person is no indication of the extent of injury, the depth of painful stimuli, the amount the lining covering an organ is stretched, the amount of blood lost in the area, etc. It can be described as soreness, an ache, a mild tenderness, a constriction, a burning, boring or agonising sensation. Depending on one’s tolerance to pain, a person seeks relief sooner or later. Examples of pain are dealt with under separate headings-headache, backache, pain in the abdomen etc., and remedies have been prescribed for the specific site or cause of pain.

Home remedies to get relief from pain

Most pains respond to rest. Once the cause has been identified, one can try and set the problem right with the resources available.

1. Relaxation

Mental relaxation and coming to terms with the cause of the pain releases certain bio-chemicals in the brain called endorphins. These are pain relievers. The application of a cold compress makes one feel better.

2. Henna

Local application of a paste made of henna leaves or flowers is soothing.

3. Basil

Holy basil herbal tea has good analgesic properties.

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