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Health Tip

Can Midnight Snacks Be Healthy?

Midnight snacks have a traditionally bad reputation. However, contrary to popular belief eating very late at night is no unhealthier than eating at any other time of the day. If you are the sort who likes to be up doing things until late at night, you should not leave a growling stomach unanswered because an empty stomach can give rise to gastrointestinal problems. But, of course, you have to eat the right foods. Here are some of the healthy foods you can eat at midnight.

Low-calorie snacks:

Midnight snacks should be eaten to satisfy your hunger. They should be low in calorie and high in nutrition. Nuts fit this description perfectly. Just a small amount of nuts is enough to make you feel full; thus limiting your calorie intake. Another food that fits this description is popcorn. If you are unable to sleep, eat snacks that are rich in tryptophan, which is an amino acid that brings lethargy. Turkey and milk contain this acid and are also low in calorie.

Drink Water:

Many late-nighters mistake thirst for hunger as dehydration can also give rise to a craving for food. In such a case, drinking one or two glasses of water puts a stop to the growling in the stomach. But if drinking water doesn't end the hunger, you should eat vegetables as these can help you hydrate and also prevent you from eating high-calorie snacks.

Resist Cravings:

If you give in to a craving for food every time it happens, cravings will soon take over your life. You should eat only when you are, in fact, hungry and not when you feel hungry. Late-nighters often find themselves in this situation. The solution is to wait for five minutes and see if you its is really hunger or just a craving, because responding to your hunger pang every time it happens may result in your habitually eating anything that you can take out with the least effort from your fridge, which could be really unhealthy.

Breaking the Habit:

If you feel that your late-night eating habit is causing you problems, you can break it by making slight changes to your lifestyle. Eating your dinner later in the evening and drinking lots of water before bed often does the trick. You could also try going to bed earlier. If you are unable to go to bed early, then try exercising which can really help.

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