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Healthy Snacks For Teen Girls

Your teen girl definitely needs to keep up with the demands of school, homework, errands, and extra-curricular activities. Being in her teenage years, she needs to have the proper sources for energy and nutrition. Aside from these, our teenage girl also needs the right nutrients in order for her body’s normal processes to commence with her growth (weight and height). Even her mental processes need be adequately nourished in order for her to be at optimum level all the time. But what if she is always on the go? She can’t bring a plate, spoon, and fork wherever she goes. No problem! With the use of healthy snacks for teen girls, you can make sure that she gets the right nutrition when she needs it and where she needs it.

Here are some of the healthy snacks for teen girls:

  • Make her take fresh fruits to school. You can have her bring an apple or two. This is suitable for those hectic schedules and times when your teen girl needs to be on the go. Even if you check the American Dietetic Association Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, you will see that your teen girl can already get the best nutrients by eating fresh fruits. Fruits also provide the right amounts of fiber for proper food digestion.
  • Make use of the little bits of cheese that you put in your bread. String cheese is a great source of calcium and proteins. This does not only help build and strengthen your bones, but it also helps provide nutrition for other body processes. Even a piece of string cheese can already go a long way in one day’s demands. If your teen girls still feels hungry, you can have her eat some raisins just like those packed chips. She can already get the right amount of calories she would need to face rush hours.
  • Another good source for nutrition and fiber are your pita and hummus. You can prepare your pita snack for your teen girl by slicing them into small shapes and heating them in the oven. It does not only smell good, taste good, but makes your teen girl feel good as well.
  • Last but not the least, your teen girl can have a bowl of cereals with nuts and dried fruits. This is your mobile carbohydrate source. Eat it anywhere and anytime you need that boost of energy for the day.

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