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How to Use Flour Tortillas in a Kid's Lunch

Flour tortillas are fasteners of Mexican gastronomy. The slender, dreary rounds of bread are time and again available in the grocery’s chilled bread segment. You can as well pay money for packaged flour tortillas in numerous markets. As soon as you make use of flour tortillas to make your child’s lunches, they are as expedient as sliced bread or rolls, but more adaptable.


Sandwiches are one of the most frequent lunchbox being used for flour tortillas, also the sandwiches that you produce with them are trimmer. Rest the tortilla out on a foil or buffed paper. Divide the tortilla into thirds psychologically psychologically and put your stodgy in the center piece of the tortilla. Include deli meats amid spinach or lettuce as well as avocado slices or conventional recipe that includes jelly and peanut butter or bananas. Put down an inch unfilled at the pinnacle and the base of the tortilla. Include condiments, and then crinkle the base and crest flaps more than the filling. Put up the shutters the tortilla by casing the center with the side flaps. Partly incise the tortilla sandwich earlier than you enfold it.

Snack Chips

Prepare hale and hearty chips from flour tortillas to go together with your toddler’s lunch. Use olive oil to brush a side of a flour tortilla. Intersperse grate Parmesan cheese and parsley on the already oiled surface of the tortilla lightly. Incise the tortilla into 6 or 8 triangles, based on its magnitude. Put the triangles on a pizza stone or baking sheet and heat in a blistering oven until flippantly browned. Allow the chips to get cold before you horde them in a waxed paper or plastic bag. These chips are a fine chowtime snack particularly if you eat them alone, although you can at the same time combine them with hummus or salsa for an enthusiastic addition to lunch.

Salad Bowl

Make use of flour tortillas to prepare a fit lunch salad, in the company of a fit to be eaten bowl. Make a baked flour tortilla bowl by putting the tortilla on an upturned stainless steel assimilating bowl with a smaller thickness than the tortilla. Tuck the tortilla for it to fit the bowl comfortably. Cook the tortilla in the oven until it becomes crunchy. After that, warily take away the mixing bowl. Horde the dressing and salad in plastic bags and put them in the tortilla bowl. Allow the salad to remain fresh by keeping a small container of frozen water or frozen juice box in the lunchbox.


Flour tortillas can substitute the customary fried apple pie with only a slight change of the formula. Cream sugar, cinnamon and butter together. Spread a lean coating of the combination in the midpoint of the tortilla, leaving about 2 inches vacant on either side and the pinnacle and base. Include slices of pears or apples that are sliced and fold over all the ends to cover up the fruit. Roast the dessert tortilla on a cookie sheet till it gets brown. Intersperse the syrupy tortilla amid cinnamon sugar and allow it unruffled prior to you packing it in your child’s lunchbox.

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