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What Is Atkins Diet?

In this world, everyone wants to reduce weight as fast as possible. With increase in the craze for this, many diet plans have been launched in the market and the most famous one is the Atkins Diet. At one point of time, everybody was familiar about this and talking about it. They were either following, or planning to join or had heard of it. Dr. Robert Atkins formulated this diet. However, there were many controversies about this plan as it involved consumption of fat. There were many criticisms about this but Atkins fought against the odds till his death.

Brief Description about Atkins Diet

The concept behind the Atkins Diet is that anybody can shed their weight quickly even by consuming fatty food items and avoiding carbohydrates. This was the first diet plan that permitted eating foods high on fats. When the Atkins Diet was launched, loads of people joined the program. What could be better than eating fatty foods and still losing your weight?

The diet states that you can come down on your weight quickly by reducing your carbohydrate intake. You can do this by eating dishes that are rich in proteins and vitamins. Thus the diet also helps in preventing heart burn, headaches and other complications.

Detailed Theory of This Diet

The first phase, called the Induction phase, lasts for about fourteen days. During this phase, your body is cleansed of carbs. This phase is also termed as the withdrawal of carbohydrate stage.

The role of carbohydrates is to provide energy for your body, so by the end of the first stage you will feel tired and fatigue. Some people say this is the toughest phase in this diet plan and enormous amount of weight is lost in this stage.

The second phase of the diet is to slow down your weight loss. It involves a return of carbohydrates. The carb level is increased slowly day by day till your weight loss is slowed down. Once that stage is reached, you must retain your weight. This stage is kind of relaxation stage, as it permits you to add some of your delicious dishes to your diet.

The last but one phase is the pre–maintenance stage. You just have to eat sufficient carbohydrates to keep steady weight. After this comes the last stage that is, the maintenance phase. In this, the weight has to be maintained till your lifetime. You must learn the food habits and other necessary things to maintain your weight from now on.

Results of the Atkins Diet

Some medical experts argue that the Atkins Diet is quite dangerous. They feel that carbohydrates produce the necessary energy, and without them you become lazy and will not have stamina. However, it is advisable to research through before entering into any diet plan. Though there are many complaints about it, many have accepted this diet plan and most of them have found it effective when compared to other diet plans.

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