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Cabbage Soup Diet

The Diet of Cabbage Soup is a seven-day meal agenda, aimed at attaining quick weight loss. It is not a long-standing weight loss result, but is well known to be effectual in excess of the short period. It seems that it at first approached from a hospital (Holy Hearts Hospital) to arouse weight loss for surgical procedure patients - but this cannot be confirmed.


  • To Lose weight Quickly.
  • The alteration from a few of our generally junky consumption of habits can be advantageous.
  • Vegetables as of the Brassica family (for instance broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower) have been originated to aid in curing cancer.
  • Lots of people say they get pleasure from consuming the soup.


  • A number of people protest that the Cabbage Soup is a little too tasteless.
  • Be ready for gas…
  • Necessitates will power.
  • Is short of excellent nutrition
  • It is high in salt.
  • Not a long-standing reply.
  • Diet Plan for Cabbage Soup
  • Generally the physicians do not suggest this diet plan

First Day
Cabbage soup made at home, in addition to any fruit, with the exception of bananas

Second Day
Cabbage soup made at home, along with other vegetables, together with a baked potato with cooking oil for dinner (potatoes are unavailable on other days)

Third Day
Cabbage soup made at home, along with other vegetables as well as fruits.

Forth Day
Cabbage soup made at home, along with anything up to six bananas as well as fat-free milk.

Fifth Day
Cabbage soup made at home, in addition to six tomatoes and up to four hundred and fifty grams of fish or meat.

Sixth Day
Cabbage soup made at home, along with beef, meat as well as vegetables.

Seventh Day
Cabbage soup made at home, in addition to pure fruit juice, brown rice, and vegetables.

No bread, effervescent beverages, or alcohol.

Recipes for Cabbage Soup

Six large green onions
Two green peppers
One or two cans of tomatoes (whole or diced)
One bunch celery
Half head cabbage
One pack of Onion Soup Mix
one or two cubes bouillon (not compulsory)
1 48 oz. can V8
Fruit drink (not compulsory)
Season for flavor that is salt, parsley, pepper, garlic powder, curry, and so on).
Make a note that there are quite a lot of differences to this method.


The leading disadvantage of the diet plan of Cabbage Soup is the pure tedium of consuming cabbage soup. On the other hand a few diets for example the harmful calorie diet on the whole look at the properties of nutrition of the cabbage soup diet, and create it more fascinating by merging extra foods that have the similar outcome.

There are as well serious concerns on the subject of the nutritional excellence of this diet. On several days the diet is less in calcium, protein, and necessary fatty acids. There are as well high ranks of sodium or MSG, which is known as Monosodium Glutamate. Weight loss will possibly occur as a result of the low calorie ingestion.

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